“I’m so so so excited + inspired to be in this group with all you amazing ladies!!! i already feel so supported + cannot wait to see all the magic that unfolds during these next 3 months ✨”

- tribe member

this is for women who are ready to elevate to their next level… with new friends by your side and a mentor to guide you.

this is a place to receive and fill back up.

to feel supported, inspired, and empowered so that you can go out into the world and make MOVES towards your dreams.

to leave behind fear, doubt, and insecurities and step into high vibe conversations and new ways of thinking.

this is a time to commit to YOU and your growth.

so that you can step fully into who you are meant to be. we won’t let you play small.

tribe is a monthly coaching program that focuses on both personal + spiritual growth - some biz - and ALWAYS manifestation.

because when powerful women come together, magic happens.

are you ready ?

how it works

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// 1 hour group call (teaching and Q+A), monthly

// 1 private (30 min) coaching session, monthly

// Bonus: 1 hour deep dive private coaching session with Laina

// TRIBE WILL HELP YOU help you step fully into who you KNOW you are here to be, keep YOUR INSPIRATION and vibration high, and be by your side as you BRING YOUR DREAMS + DESIRES TO LIFE.


$1,000 initial payment to reserve your spot

$1,166 per month

3 month or 6 month options

questions & answers.


TRIBE is a group + private coaching program designed to elevate your life in all areas.


To connect with like-minded women. To receive. To feel supported, inspired, and connected. To keep you focused and taking action toward your dreams and desires. Every month Laina will lead a powerful group coaching session, answering any and all questions. You’ll find that we ALL have the same struggles and fears, and together we can over come them. You will stay on track with your dreams and take action towards them as you are supported by the group. You will have one private session with Laina per month where she will offer custom guidance and inspiration and help you with anything you need help with. Together, we will move + expand in the direction of our dreams.

this group will wake you up to your power + ignite your ability to believe in yourself.


// 1 hour group call (teaching and Q+A), monthly (recorded and sent out if you cannot attend live)

// 1 private (30 min) coaching session, monthly

// Bonus: 1 hour deep dive private coaching session with Laina

// Text group chat with Laina


// March, Wednesday 13, 2019

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