You deserve to have it ALL.

And, yes, there is another level of elevation for you.

This level has more connection, more friendship, more people who “get you”.

More purpose, passion, fulfillment in your work.

And, more 💰.

You truly can have it all, but you DO have to intentionally and actively create what you want.

As you know, this takes inner and outer work.

But it doesn’t have to be hard.

Tribe is a 3 month coaching program for personal and spiritual growth to SPECIFICALLY teach you how to manifest:

your PEOPLE,


+ more MONEY.


These are the 3 things I get asked how to manifest THE MOST. And they are my specialty.

Join me for high vibe conversations and learn new ways of thinking and being and experiencing the world.

Step into an elevated version of you.

Let’s rise together.


how it works

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// 2 monthly group sessions (teaching and q+a)

// monthly private session with laina (30 minutes)

// GUEST teachIngs

// IN PERSON, magical, HIGH-VIBE DINNER IN LA With laina 🌃

// Bonus: lifetime access to laina’s digital manifesting course


step fully into Your power.

bring your DREAMS + DESIRES



$1,000 deposit to reserve your spot

$2,000 per month

6 month payment plan available


q + a.


TRIBE is a group + private coaching program designed to elevate your life and teach you how to manifest your people, purpose, and more $.


To learn the skills of manifestation and apply them to 3 very key areas of life.

When you find your people (like-minded friendships, business connections, a loyal tribe, etc) your life becomes more fulfilling.

When you connect to your purpose, you feel good - because you’re contributing to something greater than yourself.

When you learn to attract money and abundance, you don’t have to rely on anyone or anything outside of you to feel secure.

These are some of the most rewarding gifts you could ever receive - and you have the ability to draw them into your life.

Tribe will wake you up to your power.


+ 2 monthly group sessions (1 teaching and 1 Check-in / q+a)

+ monthly private session with laina (30 minutes)

+ Exclusive access to my personal resources

+ in person, high-vibe dinner in LA

+ bonus: lifetime access to laina’s digital manifesting course

Every month Laina will lead powerful group coaching sessions, answering any and all questions. You will have one private session with Laina per month where she will offer custom guidance and inspiration and help you with anything you need help with. Together, we will move + expand in the direction of our dreams.

4. WHEN DOES the next session START?

June 2019

want to apply for the upcoming round?

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