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“Manifested some money I didn’t think I’d see any of til I have no idea when. $833 advance for a book that I’m coauthoring with my teacher that will be in stores Spring 2020 💜”

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“LAINA. I went from charging *** a month to now *** month. I understand the energetic connection to money now on a whole new level. It’s just self-belief and my belief in the spiritual and trusting. THIS IS AMAZING. THANK YOU” - Mastermind Client

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“Laina!! I just got a client to agree to sign a 1K package! Highest coaching package I’ve sold so far! So crazy how we just spoke about it on Monday :)” - Mastermind Client

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“Omg!!!! I just manifest $1500!!!!! I demanded it by Friday but got it today!! Holy crap I have chillllllssssssse” – Client Win

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Laina Caltagironemoney
Money magic

"Laina. I am sitting here right now having received a huge payout from my last job. A friend just sent me $1200 for an essential oil order that was totally unexpected. What is HAPPENING" – Client Testimonial

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