You are a powerful creator, and you live in a world full of unlimited possibilities. Through years of researching how to create your ideal life, Laina has created her own technique of manifestation that fuses spiritual + scientific teachings and has helped hundreds of people elevate their life + biz.



If you're new to manifesting, we recommend diving into one (or both) of the following paths...

  1. Read the "Elevate Your Life" eBook to learn more about manifestation, and how to begin elevating your relationships, career, and soul purpose. This is the best place to start for becoming familiar with all things manifestation and raising your vibe.

  2. Learn Laina's exact Manifestation process by diving into the "Elevate Your Manifesting" course. This is our recommended resource for people wanting to learn how to manifest, or to elevate their life + manifesting game.

  3. Or, dive into the Elevate Your Life / Elevate Your Biz / other courses specific to certain areas of life, found here.


Private coaching is recommended for people ready to get clarity surrounding what they truly want, identify + be provided ways to navigate current blocks, and receive tools, tips + guidance for creating what they want. These sessions can be free + intuitively guided to cover each individual client's needs, or can be structured according to Laina's focus areas.

More private coaching info can be found here.




Laina offers group coaching + small group “Masterminds” to help people elevate their life/biz. These Masterminds allow people to come together in a small + intimate community to bust through common fears + limiting beliefs, and learn tools to elevate in a specific area of life.

More group coaching info can be found here.