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What if you truly felt in the flow of life? At peace with who you are and where you’re going? What if you felt so connected to yourself and so excited for your life - knowing that it all just keeps getting better and better?

I want you to know that's not only possible, but it's what's meant for you.

By learning to access your own inner power through our sessions, you'll be able to create + guide your reality. Together, we will move you towards the life of your dreams, gain clarity about what's blocking you, dissolve your limiting beliefs, and use the power of manifestation to bring your desires to life.

I have the ability to quickly uncover what it is that’s been keeping you creating things in your life you DO NOT want. Once you know and see this, you are able to begin steering your life in the direction that you desire.

I help you upgrade what you believe is possible for you, push you to expand your vision to new levels, and give you the spiritual, practical tips and guidance to get there.

I'm here to support you in creating your best life. If you're ready, let's elevate your + create the reality of your dreams.


If you've been wanting someone to guide you on your path, I work with a small number of people privately. Here are the current ways I can support you...




- Deep Dive Session into all areas of life (relationships, money, career, friendships etc.) 

- Customized bi-weekly sessions to help manifest a specific area of your life (recordings sent out weekly) 

- Customized homework to support each session

- Access to ALL digital courses

- Access to brand new training: Show Up

- Early access, priority, + discount to annual Soulcation retreat

- LC’s personal list of Fav People, Rituals, Resources

** optional in person lunch or dinner in LA

price: $8,000

payment plans available via email

1:1 single session

- Private session focused on a single topic / area in your life. These sessions are super high vibe + transformational. Prior to our session you will go through my Intro to Manifesting course so you can hit the ground running + achieve #quantumleap vibes

- 1 hour coaching session + recording sent out after. Customized homework to support the session

- Access to ALL digital courses + Show Up

- Early access, priority, + discount to annual Soulcation retreat

- LC’s personal list of Fav People, Rituals, Resources

price: $600

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- Live customized coaching over high vibe lunch or dinner in LA

- Access to all digital courses

- 30 minute follow up private session

price: $1,000

payment plan available: 4 bi-weekly payments of $277 (email to set this up)

If you are interested in these packages, contact us here: