What if I told you life is meant to be easy, flowing, and abundant?

That you are the creator of it all and can have anything you want?

That every desire you have was placed within you for a reason?

Intro to Manifesting is my signature digital workshop that will teach you the basics for how to manifest anything into your life.

This course has created amazing changes for me + my clients, and it’s time to share that with you all.

Elevation for all ✨


Manifesting 101 :: This is video 1. You will learn how to create a foundation in your manifestation practice and be introduced to my unique method of manifestation: rooted in the science + the spiritual.

Ask :: You will learn my technique for how to ask + create a vision in a way that will bypass the conscious mind and allow you direct access to the subconscious (a powerful creator that will work for you).

Believe :: You will learn how to clear the two forms of limiting beliefs, learn how to create a supportive mindset + become the bouncer of your mind, and clear space.

Receive :: After the ‘Believe’ video, you will have created space for your manifestations to come to you. In this video, you will learn how to get into an energetic mode of receiving. You will also learn ‘the Recipe’, a high vibe set of things that keep you in a receptive mode.

price: $97