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Lightworkers Q+A

I’ve worked with hundreds of “lightworkers” - women who feel called to create spiritual businesses - and helped them step into their calling, start their business, manifest dream clients, charge for their work, raise their rates, make like-minded friends and connections, manifest more money, and feel confident, empowered, and lit up to pursue their dreams.

In this online workshop, I’m yours - come with questions and ask me anything.

Here are some things I get asked often:

  • how did you know this work was meant for you?

  • how do you actually create a business?

  • i feel so new, how will i find people who want to work with me? how will they trust me?

  • i’m intimated by social media - where should i start?

  • i have a million ideas for things I want to create… what do i do? (my process for focus)

Lastly, my favorite question which no one asks but is on everyone’s mind…

Am I REALLY meant to do this?

In this workshop, I’ll answer any Q’s you have - from business, to legal, practical, spiritual, etc. - nothing is off limits.

When you purchase this workshop, you will get an email with Bonus content to start diving into and a Zoom link you’ll use to attend. The workshop will be recorded and sent out to you after!

Come with questions, fears, doubts, worries, and any other BS holding you back, and we will crush it and #elevate together!

- L