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VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Clearing and re-writing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

The subconscious mind controls 97% of the brains power and has major influence over our lives as far as what we think, believe, perceive, react, how we feel, what actions we take, and what decisions we make. When we let the subconscious mind go unchecked, we are living by default… and limited, fear-based thinking controls our lives. When you get intentional with what’s going on in the mind, and program it to work for you… you begin to live a life by design.

There’s powerful energy available when a group is focused at a singular intention.

Together we will:

  1. identify and uncover limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns going on in the subconscious mind

  2. undergo a process of de-bunking and disproving them

  3. purposefully choose what thoughts and beliefs will replace them

  4. learn how to re-program our mind and create a plan to anchor in these new thoughts and beliefs to create an upgraded mindset.

This is a virtual workshop held on Zoom. Attendance includes the video recording, which will be sent out after the workshop. Laina will lead you through the process and you can do it on your own, in real-time during the workshop.

You will receive a digital workbook to accompany the workshop, which you can print out or type into.

This is “inner work” done collectively in a group, guided by an NLP-certified, mindset and manifestation coach. Techniques and tools use mix both the science-based practical with the new-age spiritual.

Let’s do this.

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