only 10 spots available

If you're here reading this + interested in this mastermind, I already know who you are. You feel called to this work. You've experienced SO much, learned SO much, and you have powerful knowledge to share that you know has the potential to help so many. You have a big heart and a deep desire to help others. 

But, you don't quite feel confident or clear enough to really DO this.

It's a weird feeling, knowing deep down you're meant to do something but not knowing how.

I've been there... I was actually there YEARS. I DEEPLY desired this career and lifestyle but was completely overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to make it happen. I didn't have anyone else that really "got" what I was doing. It felt very lonely.

I took a lot of random action steps, but nothing seemed to be moving me forward in the way I'd hoped. 

I wanted guidance + support. I needed reassurance that this vision I had of what I wanted was REAL. 

I'm here to tell you what you already know. It's REAL. You are meant for this. You wouldn't be here if that wasn't true. You're called to do this work + create a career that you love, that serves others, and that FILLS you up. You DO have gifts + talents, and NO ONE can bring forth what you're called to bring. You are powerful, capable, and you can manifest ANYTHING you want. This career included. 

The Elevate Your Biz mastermind is for you if you want to elevate (or create) your personal brand and serve others through 1:1 work, digital courses/products, or retreats. In 3 months, I'll teach you the foundation you need that's ESSENTIAL in a spiritual business. You'll learn how to create your product or service and share it authentically + powerfully with the world. You'll learn how to connect and build an audience and receive for the energetic exchange of your work. 

You'll Elevate Your Biz alongside a new tribe of inspired, like-minded friends and have me as your teacher, friend, guide, and mentor to support you along the way. 




In this Mastermind we will:

• BUILD. The focus of month 1 will be building a strong inner + outer foundation. This will be A LOT of mindset and some basic principles of manifestation. We want business (and life) to be easy + to flow. We also really need to get our inner world in alignment with the next level of business we're stepping into. So, that means, value, confidence, worth, love, service, and your mission ALL come into place. When you take care of these FIRST, you'll have a solid foundation to build from. 

• CREATE. The focus of month 2 will be on creating your product or service. It's time to get your work out to the world. We'll get you crystal clear on this + I'll give you all the guidance + wisdom I have. With me + the mastermind tribe behind you, you'll create something DOPE. 

• CONNECT + RECEIVE. The focus of month 3 will be all about sharing what you create and connecting with the people who need it/you. You'll feel confident, energized, and have simple strategy in place to get your work out in an authentic way. We'll also dive into receiving. We often block ourselves from receiving the very things we ask for (clients/money/opportunities/etc) 

• Do both practical + spiritual work. Each month, one call will focus on spiritual/inner work and one call will focus on the practical, action-based work.

Spiritual work: inner work, intuition, + elevating our abundance, mindset, manifestation, confidence + clarity

Practical work: action steps, tech, legal, web, logistics

• Look at the evolution of my business + experiences as a case study; you'll get direct insight on things I wish I would've known early on, and how it all unfolded so you can practically learn/benefit from it; you can ask me ANYTHING

• Learn tips, tricks, tools, and things that I use in my business to automate things and create freedom, flexibility, + flow 

• Bust through common fears + limiting beliefs that EVERYONE new to a spiritual biz has

• Build a tribe of supportive, inspiring women to connect with and support you along your journey (this is everythinggg)


Start date: End Sept/early Oct. Each week our Mastermind group will meet on ZOOM and crush it together.

Format: 3 months of coaching with Laina via 2 group video calls a month; 1 optional friend/partner call to connect further with your tribe; inspiring, high vibe group chat via FB messenger where Laina answers questions weekly; and a live in person event at the end! There will be weekly homework + tools to apply as we go and all sessions are recorded + you have access for life,  so if you can't make it to one, no worries.

Bonuses: Behind-the-Scenes of Soulcation virtual workshop where you will learn the ins and outs of hosting your first retreat,Money Manifesting virtual workshop where you'll do DEEP work around mindset and creation of money. 

 VIP UPGRADE: Deep dive session with Laina + text message access for duration of Mastermind.

*** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Pay-in-full and/or book before 9/13 and get a deep dive session with Laina. 


There are less than 10 spots available for this Mastermind, and it will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

There's an application process, as the energy of the group is EVERYTHING, and for the results to be as impactful as possible, we want everyone on the same page.

These 3 months will be a container for massive growth, inspiration, action-taking, and ELEVATION.

I have a special skill of bringing together INCREDIBLE women + the experience of collective energy is priceless.

The results from the previous one were AMAZING (see below).

If you are interested, but would like to discuss more, schedule a call with Laina below:

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