If you want to learn what I’m doing to elevate my money mindset in October, and how to join the money manifesting challenge, keep reading…


elevating together. inspiring you and empowering you. helping you learn how to manifest money so you can feel free to work where you want, go where you want, do what you want, and live how you want.

when we have money, we can take better care of ourselves, help others, create our life’s work, see and experience more, be less in fear and more in love, and be in our best energy... which causes a ripple effect and serves the world. 

money is actually easy to create. so i’m teaching on how to create it because it’s the most empowering thing to know that YOU are the source of your own abundance.

where you come in:

i love you and want to share with you what I know. i know it will bless everyone around you too. please share what you learn with people you love, because #rippleeffect and #abundanceforall.

SO, my vibe on all this is: 

let’s ALL elevate together 🔝


I’ve been studying and practicing the **** out of manifesting abundance. I created something that will entirely transform someone’s mindset around money + teach them how to create it. simple, easy, done-for-you money mindset shifting. 

it’s called ...

Elevate Your Money 



• pre-sale: now - Sept. 25 ($200 off)

october 1: we are doing this together as a family and start oct 1 because everything is more powerful and fun together 

• if you don’t want to start oct 1,  just save the emails and start whenever you feel ready 


• a welcome audio/video and a 30 day email sequence with a new perspective, belief, tool, or concept around money.

• < 5 mins a day spent reading and thinking about the daily lesson will create a new habit of positive thinking re: abundance which WILL create external shifts in your life.

• pre-sale price = $197

• regular price = $397


if interested, grab it while it’s at the pre-sale price. you can use the button below. 

ps here are 3 manifesting rules when you purchase it:

  1. know that you are “circulating” the money, not “spending it”. set the intention it will come back to you x 10 

  2. the energy you’re in when you “circulate” the money is important! so make sure you feel confident and excited, rather than fearful. 

  3. be PROUD for investing in yourself and in learning valuable skills and knowledge... celebrate it because that’s amazinggg - and this kinda work is ALWAYS rewarded.