friendships, connections, soul fam, love, support, PEOPLE… how to create a dope life in this area.


I recorded this from tulum because I had to. never would I have thought that I’d create friends who feel like family and have people who love and support me the way I experienced this weekend. it blew my mind. so ive been reflecting on how all this came to be and recorded it for you. check out the audio of this first and when you’re done use the notes below for reference !



lesson: let your biggest fears turn into your biggest opportunity for growth. 

lesson: no one person is your source, not even your husband/parents. when you put pressure for that once thing to be your source, you set yourself up for failure and really limit what the universe can offer you. 


1. connections are divine appointments. treat them as such. of all the people in the world, all the places you could be, you are here with this person at this time. there’s a reason. for you, them, for both. be HERE for it. 

2. be present. engage with them. deeply listen. everyone has a story and every deserves to be heard. be interested in what they have to say. 

3. talk to everyone. EVERYONE. ask questions. be open. drop judgment. compliment.

4. care. love. they are PEOPLE. we have the same fears, same desires, we are all the same. give, don’t think about what you can get. 

5. no more saying: i’m just like this. i’m shy.  i’m not good w people. all that bs. drop those stories.

6. let things evolve. don’t force. let people leave, let people come. trust the process. 

7. what you put out you will get back. give kindness, love, support, appreciation, etc generously and without expectation.


what am i most afraid of?

what can i bring into my life that would remedy that?

what do i most desire to feel in the friends/relationship/connection area of my life? connection? love? support? friends who feel like family? friends all over the world? set that as your intention and design a life that supports that.

write out an expansion vision of what dream life looks like in this area.

Laina Caltagirone