When you're not feeling good enough. My personal process to move through it.

Not feeling good enough is an epidemic that no one is talking about…. 

It comes in so many forms… 

“My work isn’t good enough.

I’m not doing enough.

I’m not enough.

I’m dropping the ball.

I’m missing out.

I can’t make this work.

I’m not going to make it.

I can’t keep up with all this.

I should be further ahead than this.

My social media following isn’t enough.

I’m not growing fast enough.

Everyone is ahead of me.

Everyone else has this but I don’t. “

It can feel so paralyzing and so isolating. Especially when you feel like you’re the ONLY one feeling this way. 

So many of us (read: every single one of us) have these thoughts and feelings but keep them to ourselves. 

In this audio, I explain how I handle these moments of overwhelm and self-judgment and my personal process for moving through them. 

I hope that it serves you. Lmk how you feel.

And remember…. we ALL experience these “low” moments. And they can serve as some of the most transformational, beautiful moments of our lives.

You’re never alone.

Love you. 

My personal process… 

1. Let it out. Give it all a voice. Let yourself feel it. Release it. 

- what am i feeling right now?

- where do i not feel good enough? why do i not feel enough?

- what are my worries? what’s on my mind?

- what does this feel like? what am i going through and experiencing right now?

2. Pray. Surrender. Give it up. Ask for it to be transmuted and transformed. Ask to come back to love, to see this with love, and see yourself with love. 

3. Move. Physically. Make moves (help, give, do). Love (write yourself a love note/pep talk, as you would for a friend. Do something to move your forward.

Laina Caltagirone