Letter to my “5 years ago self”



You are 28 years old and I know you’re going through something very difficult that you’re keeping to yourself. You’re trying so hard to be happy in something you know that you have outgrown. You’ve been shrinking yourself to fit in with a life that was never meant to be yours.

It’s okay to admit you are not happy. It doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful or bad... in fact, you’re about to begin an inner journey to figure out why you’re feeling this way ... and believe it or not, this journey will help you find your passion and purpose in this life. 

This year will be a major turning point. The hard times you face will be the catalyst for the greatest experience of your life... and just to let you know... your life in 5 years is gonna blow your damn mind. 

I know you don’t know what one is... but you’re about to meet and hire a life coach. Trust it. 

You’re heading to LA in a few months for the first time ever to assist her workshop ... soak it all up, and get ready, because you’re getting a glimpse into the life that is just a preview of what’s to come. 

Yes, you get to live there. Actually, you f****** thrive there. 

I know you feel like you don’t even know yourself and all you want to do is find your purpose. You will. 

The passion, happiness, fulfillment, friendships, creativity, and purpose you crave will not only be yours ... but you will be teaching thousands of women how to find this for themselves too. 

You’ll be invited to Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass this year ... GO. Your life will never be the same. 

You will feel called to a greater purpose ... and you will be lit up by what Gabby shares. And, it’s going to take you years to believe this and feel worthy  ... but you’re right - you ARE here to do something BIG. Like, really big. 

It’s all real. 

You’re about to receive ALL sorts of divine guidance and signs ... believe them. Even that weird card reading you got that told you you’re a healer. 

You’re gonna be inspired to start a side hustle this year... can’t wait for you to begin this ... because one day this will be your biggest contribution to this planet and It WILL be your career. 

That business mind you’ve always had, you get to use it. 

Your lifelong fascination with magic and the supernatural will become part of your work. All the things you’re beginning to love... crystals, spirituality, meditation, etc all become part of it too. 

And ... lol... that book on law of attraction that was handed to you on an airplane, The Secret, and the dabbling you did in manifesting because of it ... not only was it real ... but just WAIT and see how that all plays out for you. 

Your love of people and ability to connect will become your greatest gift.

Your heart still is the best thing about you. 

Your life will all make sense ... but it won’t look like anyone else’s. 

On love ... he’s not the one. And I know it’s hard to even think about but trust what you KNOW. Walking away will make you unbelievably strong and also really happy. It will be the best thing for him as well.

Please remember to love yourself throughout all of this. You’re not perfect, you don’t have to be. Keep trusting yourself. 

And keep saving all those pictures of your dream life to your phone  ... because you are actually creating EXACTLY that...  you are more of a manifesting master than you can even fathom... and ALL of those magical “powers” and spells you always played with as a kid... they were just a preview of what’s to come. You are so f*cking powerful. Keep going. You got dis. 

⁃ L

Laina Caltagirone