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The past few days I've been super introspective. For the past day or so, a lot has been coming up for me. As I was meditating and journaling this morning, I came to some realizations and I felt inspired to share with you what I've been working through, with the intention it can help you or shed some light on things for you too...

When we feel blocked or stuck in an area of life, whether it’s love, career, money, relationships, whatever ... and we're not receiving what we want or it doesn't feel the way we want it to feel... 

It's likely because of this ...

Deep down, we don't feel good enough and essentially, we are not operating with love.

When I say this, I mainly mean love for ourselves. 

…and this DIRECTLY and negatively impacts our ability to receive in all areas of life because we can't receive what we don't believe we deserve. 

NOT LOVE looks like: judging ourselves, comparing ourselves, degrading ourselves mentally, deflecting compliments, telling ourselves that what we do and what we have to say doesn't matter or isn't good enough.

We spend SO much time feeling bad about ourselves. 

Whenever we are in that zone.... we are NOT in love.

We are in fear. we are in scarcity, competition, lack.

And that's NOT who we are.

It's SO opposite of who we really are.

And that's EXACTLY why life (in whatever area) DOESN'T work.

All that's ever really missing is love. 

And when we wake up to that, begin to treat ourselves with love, appreciate who we are, speak to ourselves with love, remember our value, remember how amazing and beautiful and worthy we are... things begin to flow again. 

The truth is this: we were born pure love... created on purpose, with big hearts, talents, gifts, and a UNIQUE role to fill on this planet.

Our value doesn't come from money in the bank, followers on our social media channels, the number of clients we have, the attention that we get, what our bodies look like, compliments we get from others.... none of that.

Our value just IS.

We are ALREADY enough. 

Some of the most beautiful, most extraordinary people I know... with the biggest businesses, most beautiful bodies, largest following, STILL struggle with feeling good enough. 

No one is exempt.

And now I finally GET it when they say, we are all one. 

every. single. one. of. us. deals. with this. 

And I truly believe the only cure is love.

Loving conversations with our selves, loving thoughts in our mind towards others, love in our businesses, love for our clients, love for our bodies an love in the way we move them and what we nourish them with, love in our friendships, love for the people who trigger us, love in our intentions... 

When you have love in the forefront of your mind, people feel it, YOU feel it, you radiate it, and people respond to you differently. You attract things and people that are on that same wavelength. Which, very simply, feels good. And iItruly believe is what we all want deep down anyways. 

So, with all of that being said, I’m RE-FOCUSING back on love in all aspects of my life- starting first and foremost with ME.

Some ways I’m doing this: 

- I am focusing on how much I love ME; being EXTRA conscious of when the self-criticism starts up, and replacing all of that with more love for myself

- I’m paying SUPER close attention to my thoughts, and I’m constantly purposefully thinking empowering, encouraging thoughts

- I'm looking at myself in the mirror every day and saying I LOVE YOU

- I’m focusing on what i'm proud of myself for each day, and everything I’ve done, rather than focus on where I fall short

- I’m NO longer saying i'm doing something wrong, or saying that things aren't working... and I’m DECIDING that it's actually all working, that what I'm doing is more than enough

- I’m re-reading some of my favorite books on love ("A Return to Love" is a MUST)

- I've moved from working out to make my body look like someone else's to working out to feel good and celebrate that I am healthy, moving my body in whatever way that feels good to me that day, telling myself how wonderful and strong I am throughout the process

- I am focusing on how I can love my clients more and serve them more

- I'm pausing when people who trigger me, and rather than blame them and make them wrong... I'm making an effort to see them with more love because they (just like me) need love too

- I am choosing foods that nourish my body, rather than choosing based on calories or something stupid like that

I see now that MORE LOVE has been what's missing. From everything.

And we create more of this by starting on the inside. 

Feeling genuine love for ourselves, no matter what. 

Being easy on ourselves, gentle, and kind, no matter what. 

Creating love within FIRST, no. matter. what. 

CLEARLY I’m ending this with sending you ALL the love I can.

I hope this helped you in some way. 

Feel free, as always, to write me back with anything on your mind by messaging me on IG.

Laina Caltagirone