Self Confidence • Q+A Series

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Q: "What I struggle with the most at the moment is my confidence. I have been second guessing myself lately and not having the confidence in myself that I would like to have. What I want to feel most is happiness and to be strong emotionally."


You can CREATE confidence. Confidence is something that you’ll find you’ll sometimes need to create. Usually we wait for something outside of us to happen in order to feel that confidence we so want. Which is definitely understandable to want. However, we don’t need to wait for external things to give us a feeling when we can actually create it on our own.

A cheat code for confidence:

If you’re not feeling confident in yourself, here’s how you create it.

Feeling confident comes directly from the inner conversation you’re currently having with yourself. “Struggling with confidence” means you’re saying disempowering thoughts that are running on autopilot. And likely, you're believing them to be true.

"I don’t think I can do this. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. What if I can’t figure it out. What if it doesn’t work."

All of those thoughts run around long enough, and you will NOT feel confident.

So it’s important to nip them in the bud, and choose new thoughts. You’ll likely have to practice the new thoughts often. Also helpful is to give your brain some new info/evidence to disprove those thoughts.

You can do this by writing out a LONG list of: things you love about yourself, your wins, your talents, your strengths, times you’ve figured it out, or overcome something. Our brains tend to discount all these things, so make sure to flood your mind with examples of how amazing you are.

Remember, How you feel about yourself and your life is a DIRECT reflection of the conversation you’re having with yourself. Please know that if you have dark thoughts or feel in a dark place.... it will pass. It all passes. Please know these dark thoughts are not real. They might feel very real, but I promise you, if they don’t feel like love, they’re fear - and fearful thoughts simply aren’t real. You don’t have to believe them. You can shift them, change them. And you can reprogram your mind by making it a practice to add in more loving thoughts. The mind is so powerful, and it needs you to guide it. Guide it towards love. Towards light. For yourself first, and then for others. We need your light. You are so loved.

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Laina Caltagirone