How to transform jealousy + travel FOMO


Two years, this pic would’ve triggered me big time. Seeing someone else traveling first-class to Tulum with their girls for a weeks of vacation would’ve made me feel jealous and just sad. 

I remember being at my desk when I was practicing law, scrolling through social media, seeing what felt like was everyone traveling to the most beautiful places and seeing the world while I felt like I was just sitting there doing nothing. 

At this time in my life I wasn’t living up to my potential at alllll -  I wasn’t traveling (which is a passion of mine), didn’t have close girlfriends (which is everything to me now), and I was spending my days at a desk doing work that didn't light me up.

I wasn't living a FULL life and I wasn't living a life for ME. So when I’d see people on social media doing all the things I wanted to be doing, it hurt my soul.

At some point, I changed my perspective entirely and realized a few things: 

1) Jealousy is not my vibe. It really is NOT like me, so when I felt jealous, I looked inside and realized that I was feeling that way because I was believing in lack/scarcity. I was in a victim mode, ("Why can they have it but I can't?") but realized I'd simply forgotten that there's more than enough for everyone - EVERYONE can travel and resources are unlimited. I changed my perspective and energy from jealousy to inspiration and motivation. Anytime I saw others do or post about something I wanted, I decided they’re just showing me what’s possible for ME and my life.  I'm just as capable/worthy/smart as anyone else. And I trust and know that I'm meant to fulfill ALL of my desires. Travel included. 

3) I know how to manifest and I can create anything I want ... why would travel be any different? 

So, I applied what I know about manifesting to travel... and to say it worked is a complete understatement.

ASK. I decided what I wanted. Clearly. I set the intention to travel more, see the world, and do things that made me happy. 

BELIEVE. I kept my mind aligned with this intention. I made sure I worked through and cleared out any negative or limiting beliefs going on. I consistently reminded myself that anything is possible for me, and that I deserve and are worthy of all the things that I want. 

RECEIVE. I took action. I started preparing for all the travel I was calling in before it was even planned (the “act as if” manifesting technique). I started brainstorming, visualizing, saving photos of inspo for places I wanted to go. I let myself become excited about all the travel ahead of me. I trusted in the process. And... I renewed my passport (because, like, who sits there and complains about not traveling but has an expired passport ?!? Expired passports do NOT send a message of travel vibes to the Universe). 

And, when the timing was right, my traveling began. 

Two year later, and I've traveled the most I have in my entire life. 

Today I’m headed out to Tulum with my best friend to go meet two other girlfriends and a whole new set of friends I’ve made in Tulum because I've been there literally eight times in the past two years. 

I'll be there at least a few weeks (#onewayticketvibes) and will be seeing some of my fav DJs in paradise, working from the beach, taking clients virtually, relaxing, eating/drinking, doing yoga, exploring, and ENJOYING my life. 

Travel is honestly EVERYTHING, I literally CANNOT tell you how happy it makes me. It's something that I am SO incredibly grateful for. 

Please know that if you find yourself feeling how I felt... like things are possible for other people and not you... IT'S NOT TRUE. 

You can anything and everything you want. I promise. It all starts with a willingness to do and see things differently and a decision or more accurately, a DECLARATION, to the Universe of what it is you desire. Once you do that, it's yours. 

Sending you love and travel vibes.

- L 

PS: Update on this post: today is September 5th, 2018 and I just returned to LA from five weeks of the most insane, amazing travel experiences of my life. From Madrid to Mykonos, Paris, Amsterdam, Marbella, Madrid, and more... I literally had the best five weeks of my life. The travel hasn't stopped and it just keeps getting better and better. So wherever you are in your journey of bringing what you want into reality, let me remind you.... manifestation works. never give up. KEEP GOING... it's worth it. 

Laina Caltagirone