Elevate your vibe + Stay positive • Manifest


Have you ever noticed that when you feel good everything just flows better??? You attract opportunities, people are friendly, things work out for you, and everything just seems to work out? When you feel good you're like a magnet to good things.

That's because we are energetic beings - at the subatomic level we are made of energy. Everything is energy. And energy operates under certain laws. Without going fully into the Law of Attraction and other related universal principles, a simple way to state how all of this works is:

 "What you put out, you get back." or

"Like attracts like". 

Everything responds to the energy you put out. You'll also hear people refer to the energy you're putting out as "your vibration". To me, they're interchangeable. 

As a manifestation teacher and ADVOCATE of how effective these principles are, one of the main things I need you to understand is that:

You can change your energy. And when you do, your whole world changes. Change your inner world, and you'll see it reflected in your outer world. 

Manifesting (creating what you want) is my thing. It's what I teach, what I coach people on, and I've developed a whole body of work around my process for it.

One of the BEST things you can do that is KEY to having everything you want flow in is to elevate your vibe.

When manifesting, we need to get clear on what we want + remove limiting beliefs. But the real work is feeling good and staying in a place of believing, and know that what you want is coming to you.

When you FEEL good and send out that energy, you get back everything that is a match to it (ex: the things you desire).

Below are some of the top tips that work for me and my clients for keeping our vibes high, and staying in a positive space.

#1 • Start in the morning

Start your day in a way that is going to make you feel good, and DECIDE that you are going to be in a good mood. Make this your goal and intention for the day.

Incorporate a morning ritual that helps you start your day with a little more peace, inspiration, and intention. I recommend including something for your body, mind, and soul.

I love to start my mornings slow. I set a good vibe, let palo santo, put on a chill playlist, make a delicious coffee or tea, and stretch or do yoga to wake my body up. I also make time to connect through silence, prayer, or meditation. 

And remember, it doesn't have to be an hour long routine. It can even be something small, but done with intention, and in a way that feels good to you. 

#2 • Be conscious

Be mindful of how things are making you feel– everything from people, places, conversations, foods you eat, things you do, and the ways you're spending your time.  You want to cultivate an awareness at any given point in the day of how you're feeling. The more you get in touch with how you're feeling, you'll begin to notice a trend: some things drains your energy, some lift you up. Start adding more things in that feel good to you, and doing less of the ones that don't. Sounds simple, but it's actually profound. I make all decisions now based on how they feel to me. And if something doesn't feel good, I don't do it.... period. Your energy is everything, so take really good care of it. Be around people and things that light you up!

Pro tip: Write a list of 5 things that put you into a good vibration. Make it a point to incorporate these things into your life more and put at least one into your schedule each week.

My high vibe list...

• Visiting new, beautiful places  (I'm all about good views and dope hotels)

• Great conversations with interesting, fun people 

• Moving my body and going for a walk in the sunshine

• Taking myself out to a nice dinner 

• Music! I have a few playlists that automatically raise my vibe when I play them

• Taking a drive with the windows down

• Catching the sunrise or sunset

#3 • Elevate your mind

You'll hear me preach over and over about  the importance of mindset. And I will for the rest of my life. Because thoughts create things - they are generative. What you consistently think, believe, and expect will show up in your world. So, I am always mindful to keep my thoughts elevated and intentional. I think about what I WANT to happen. I tell myself positive things about what I can do and what's possible for me. I purposefully put loving high vibe thoughts into my mind.  Soon I'll be releasing Elevate Your Mind membership soon, which will feature mantras, written exercises, and done for you mindset reprogramming. Each month will center around a certain topic so that you can develop a new habit that helps you stay positive, elevate your vibe, and manifest in any given area of your life. #staytuned It's going to be dope, and a portion of the proceeds are going to go helping mental health. Because evvvverything starts in the mind. 


Laina Caltagirone