11 spiritual books that changed my life.


I’m currently (and usually, always) in a spiritual stage. As much as I love the business aspect of my work, I LOVE teaching the spiritual even more. I find that life flows better when I’m “aligned” - so I prioritize that over everything - and when I do my business, happiness, health, relationships, EVERYTHING works better. 

I feel like a HUGE part of a healthy spiritual life involves filling yourself up with soulful teachings, knowledge, and things that inspire you. It reminds you of what’s real and true and keeps things in proper perspective. 

So, I wanted to share my favorite spiritual books that I re-read constantly. 

I love learning things that expand my mind and expand me as a human being - and these books and concepts always do that for me. I always ask to be led to the books and resources I need the most - and it always happens. 

To try this out, ask to be guided to the book you need the most. Then check out the summaries of the ones you feel drawn to. Start with the one that feels the most exciting and appealing - trust that you’re going to get exactly what you need from it. 

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Laina Caltagirone