You are here to live the highest, fullest, happiest version of your life. And that includes having a career that you LOVE.

You have gifts, talents, + a BIG purpose to fulfill. 

Your soul already knows what this is + that's exactly why you feel called to certain work. 

I want to remind you that we all have a purpose that we were put on earth to carry out... and when we follow our hearts, do what we KNOW we're called here to do, show up, take action, and boldly step into all of who we are meant to be, the Universe comes through for us in a really big way.

The vision you have of your dream career was given to you for a reason. You were born to carry it out. When you do this, and live a life that feels aligned in ALL areas, you create a ripple effect on the world around you. The world needs you. 


 If you've been wanting to start a spiritual biz, or elevate yours to the next level, you're in the perfect place. Here are the 3 ways I can support you...



Private 1:1 coaching is the highest level of hands-on support. You'll have bi-weekly private sessions with me and text message access to me throughout. We can cover all aspects of starting + running a spiritual biz, including all legal aspects. This is fully customized guidance, you can ask me ANYTHING, nothing is off limits. 

If you're interested in this package, contact Laina below.


In this group coaching format, you'll be working with me in a small + intimate setting to deep dive into transformational work together. These mastermind vibes are all about #quantumleaps and this group is a container for magic. 

In our next Mastermind we will be focusing on creating your product + service, sharing it authentically +  powerfully with the world, + receiving for your work.  We bust through common fears + limiting beliefs that everyone new has, and you'll learn tools, hacks, and tips to kill it in your spiritual biz .

Only 10 spots will be available. If you're interested, send an email here to get on the waitlist for the next round.


If you would rather learn the basics of setting up a spiritual biz at home, at your own pace, stay tuned for Lightworkers Academy - a self-study course that teaches you everything you need to set up + get your spiritual biz off the ground and running. It's inspirational, practical, spiritual, and will elevate you FAST.