modern manifestation

I like when things are intentional and simple.

When I first began my journey with spirituality and manifestation, I was super overwhelmed and confused with where to start and which steps to take.

You can study manifestation from 3 schools of thought: spiritual, new age, and scientific. I love all three - but there was nothing I found that connected the scientific information with the spiritual flow I was learning about.

Through study and personal application of it all in my own life, I developed a body of work around manifestation - my own personal process and techniques that are effective and real.

Many clients go on to teach aspects of this method to others and we ALL use it to create incredible things in our lives.

I will simplify everything for you in this 4 day training. This follows the format of Soulcation ‘Soul Chats’, where I teach my signature manifestation process in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

My intention is to give you the best of the best in this training … you’ll have everything you need to know about manifestation.


4 part virtual training workshop where you will get pre-recorded teachings and access to a live call where you can ask any questions you want.

Date of Live Call: TBD

Day 1 / Manifesting 101 :: You will learn the scientific + grounded aspects behind manifestation and begin to create a solid foundation. There are 3 different forms of manifestation, and you will learn about that in Day 1.

Day 2 / Ask :: You will learn how to properly ask and create a vision. In Day 2, you will learn more techniques that bypass the conscious mind + allow your subconscious mind to become a powerful creator that works for you.

Day 3 / Believe :: You will learn how to clear limiting beliefs (2 forms) from the mind, how to handle resistance, and how to install new patterns of thinking so you can use your mind to create.

Day 4 / Receive :: You will learn how to get into a space that allows for the things you are desiring to manifest to come to you quickly. You will also learn various manifestation techniques and high vibe set of tools and practices that keep you in a receptive mode. We’ll also go over common concerns and fears that come up in this stage of the process and learn how to handle them.

other topics: how to tap into intuition; signs and synchronicities; universal laws; commonly asked questions

price: $600 (pay in full) or 3 bi-weekly payments of $233 (payment plan)