A few years ago I had an “awakening”.

I realized I had mentally been on auto-pilot for a LONG time.

I call it “creating-by-default'“ - when you manifest things you don’t want into your life because you’re not paying attention.

I wasn’t checking in with myself. I wasn’t in tune with my intuition. I was letting my thoughts go unchecked. I wasn’t following my TRUE desires.

So, I made a decision that I was no longer okay with settling. I followed the path of what my soul was always wanting. And I RAN after my dream life.

I used “manifesting” to help me create it. And yes, I created some dope sh*t (see below).

But most importantly, I took ownership for my life, got into a more empowered place, started creating ON PURPOSE…

and I manifested more happiness, fulfillment, confidence in myself, connection, passion, and purpose than I’d ever felt.

I found ME.

In 2017, I really did create my version of a dream life … I moved to LA, left my career as an attorney, went full time in my passion which had been my side hustle, built my business to 6 figures, made more deep and meaningful friendships than I’ve ever had, ran retreats in Tulum, had so many personal career wins (worked with dream clients, had 5 podcast interviews, grew a tribe, got speaking opportunities, etc), traveled all over the world, and impacted people in a very real way.

Yes, a “Dream Life” is awesome… but what matters most is that I created a HAPPY LIFE.

And I owe that all to what I know about the mind, spirituality, and how the laws of the world/Universe work.

I’m an expert at this topic. It’s what I live and breathe. Teaching it is my gift.


“ LAINA, Thank you SO much!

i am SO ready to create my new future.


that I haven’t felt in a long time. ”


The power of inner work is not a joke. You will feel the effect of the session immediately and you will continue to experience shifts over the next few months. It’s like a transfer of energy that you will receive.


• step 1. learn the process

Over the years I’ve developed a certain technique that I use when I want to attract or “manifest” certain things into my life or guide life in a certain way. I’ve used this same process for over 10 years and taught it to hundreds of people who have used it successfully. It’s rooted in science and spirituality. I broke this process down and recorded it in 4 videos. This is where I recommend you start. You’ll receive access to these as soon as you purchase your session. You’ll have them forever and can come back to them over and over again any time you want to apply the process.

• step 2. APply it

After you watch and learn the process, we’ll have a high vibe DEEP DIVE session. The first thing I will ask is, “What do you want? And how do you want to feel?” Together we will get super clear on what it is that you want. Then I’ll take you through the steps of manifestation and teach you exactly how I would personally manifest it. You’ll have my full focus/attention/brain on you - you can ask me anything you want. You will leave with real action steps to take.

“These sessions are INVALUABLE.” 

price: $600




 "It has been over a year since our session … and I have become a completely new and improved version of myself. I climbed out of my depressive state. You motivated me to figure out what my true desires were and aligned me with the path I've chosen to now take. You shined a light and new perspective on my life. I have always been unapologetically myself, but now I am proud to be. You helped me climb out of my darkest, most difficult time. Without this, I would not have accomplished all I have this year- some of the things to name a few: coping with a racing mind/ unhealthy thoughtsfollowing my dream to move across the country- from NY to CA, becoming a spiritual wellness/cannabis coachlosing over 30 lbs in less than a year by changing my thoughts, lifestyle & habits, and  having great appreciation/ gratitude for ALL the things that make me who I am."